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Inspiring and Creating Futures:

Futurstares NE will launch in 2016 to support and provide advice and inspiration for secondary pupils who are starting to think about or are making next step choices.  Futures is though more personal and relevant as it focuses on opportunities within the North East and will pull together, events, courses, job information (using LMI for all data), employers, apprenticeships, work experience opportunities as well as; interviews, feature guest blogs and virtual work experiences with students, undergrads, universities, apprentices and employee’s, from all across the region. We want to create the most useful, informative and engaging secondary careers guidance website available and showcase the great opportunities available!

Connecting the dots…

Futures will also try to connect the dots… what we mean by this is connect careers, courses you can study and potential future employers in one spot or what we are calling Spotlight.  Some young people may have a career in mind but don’t know what to do next, others may be inspired by an employer/product or service but don’t know what qualifications they need, others may have specific courses in mind that they wish to study but with no idea of what future careers or employers would be relevant for their skills and qualifications. Some may feel utterly helpless as it’s a negative to all of the above…. queue Futures to help! It’s also important to Futures that we encourage young people to explore how they can make an impact on society and solve big problems and will regularly feature ways and ideas on how they can achieve this as well as areas/sectors of growth and opportunity.

From transport information to gig reviews; our intention is to feel more like a lifestyle guide rather than another education website. We will however be working very closely with pilot schools and their influencers to make sure we keep developing a useful and engaging website that is supporting secondary school students and educators as well as linking to and supporting the Gatsby Good Career Guidance benchmarks and regional pilot projects currently taking place.

Get Involved with Futures

We hope to encourage you all to get involved with Futures and here is how:

Schools: If you would like further information about how Futures can support your school contact Futures. We can support by offering CPD for teachers on CIAG, how to use and make the most of the Futures website as well as assemblies, workshops and resources to support lessons and embed career messages across the curriculum.

Employers: Submit your employer details so we can promote your business and future career opportunities. Promote your events, write a blog or ask an employee to. Take part in virtual work experience hangouts and advertise job and apprenticeship opportunities!

FE, Training Providers and 6th Forms: promote open events, workshops, provide guest blog features from current students and great news stories.

Apprentices, undergrads, and to all aspiring bloggers: Share your apprenticeship, higher ed experiences, research, lifestyle reviews and news with us.  The plan is for you to motivate, inspire and support. You were in their position not that long ago and your advice is immensely valuable.

To all the fantastic educational and non educational people and organisations in between: promote, feature, review, share, encourage, use and link to Futures. If you can inspire, support and provide positive and engaging experiences for young people, which will have positive impacts on their future choices, education, health and lifestyle, we would love to hear from you!

So, that’s a little more information (well a lot for a blog), which we hope may encourage you to get involved with Futures.  Please contact us for more information by emailing: We already have a number of organisations involved and welcome as many as possible.  A joined up approach to careers and aspiration raising in the North East would be an incredible achievement and absolutely possible.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Futures NE 


Future STEAM Careers & Ideas – Hyperloop One


Hyperloop One is one of the most exciting projects currently out there, and will significantly and positively impact in the future how we travel, commute and move around the planet.

Hyperloop is a new way to move people or things anywhere in the world quickly, safely, efficiently, on-demand and with minimal impact to the environment. The system uses electric propulsion to accelerate a passenger or cargo vehicle through a tube in a low pressure environment. The autonomous vehicle levitates slightly above the track and glides at faster-than-airline speeds over long distances. We eliminate direct emissions, noise, delay, weather concerns and pilot error. It’s the next mode of transportation.

Sound exciting? It absolutely is and worth visiting their website and subscribing to Twitter so you can stay updated with progress. Want to know who works for a company like Hyperloop? Check out their careers page as well as information about the team that are working there and the investors backing it! Examples of the people and skills they are looking for include: mechanical engineers, computer programmers, software engineers, business analysts, transport economists, civil engineers, marketeers, solicitors, CNC machinists, data analysts, safety managers, electrical engineers, robotics, construction managers, design engineers, and electronics to name but a few!


STEAM is fundamental to Hyperloop One and if you have STEAM skills, and study/keep studying STEAM subjects;  awesome opportunities are waiting for you in the future.

Inspired by Hyperloop? – Ideas for home, EPQ and the classroom: 

If you like what you see and are interested in Hyperloop One and its mission, check out two opportunities that could be used to inspire learning within the classroom or as a project for home or even an EPQ:

  1. The first is a design challenge (build Hyperloop live) to explore innovative ideas for the future of transportation. Teams of architects and designers will compete to develop using BIM technology a hyperloop terminus to connect Dubai and Fujairah. You don’t have to enter the competition but it provides you with a STEAM project idea and something to work to.  You never know though, your ideas could be just what they are looking for. 😉
  2. Global Challenge is not a competition but an opportunity to actually impact where Hyperloop One potentially ends up and why.  There are some great examples of partnerships forming to bring hyperloop to countries at the link above.  Again, you don’t need to enter but use the global challenge as a foundation to develop knowledge, understanding and creativity. This could also be linked to the UN Sustainable Goals (SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities).

Good luck and keep us updated with your ideas!



Going Cuckoo for Cuckoo! 

Cuckoo Young Writers is a programme aimed at young people in the North East and encourages writing through group work, projects, on line support and publications, ensuring regular and inspirational support from professional writers.

Programmes are free with groups popping up across the region. The Website is as beautiful as it is useful with some ideas for future careers with words and plenty of ways you can get involved with cuckoo which includes: writing poetry, stories, song writing, and reviewing to name but a few.

A fantastic way to develop the skills of young people and for them to put themselves and their creative minds out there. They also support schools!

To follow Cuckoo on Twitter their handle is: @cuckoowriters


Royal Institution Masterclasses North East: 


The Ri Masterclasses are a great opportunity for pupils to develop a deeper understanding within some of the following areas:

  • Maths
  • Engineering 
  • Computer science 

Pupils attend a block of 6 Saturday morning sessions, which will explore and introduce young people in more detail to one of the area’s above as well as showcase future career opportunities and meet guest speakers who themselves may work within these fields.   Masterclasses are Free and depending on the host are focused on different age groups.

In the North East region there are the following:


Year 9 – new host is currently being identified to run. We will update you with further information soon.


Think Physics, Northumbria University, Newcastle:

  • Year 8 Engineering Masterclasses starting Saturday 30th January 2016
  • Year 11 Engineering Masterclasses starting Saturday 1st October 2016

St Cuthberts High School, Newcastle:

  • Year 9 Engineering Masterclasses starting Saturday 1st October 2016 

Computer Science:

St Cuthberts High School, Newcastle:

  • Year 9 Computer Science starting Saturday 23rd January 2016


If you are a school, parent/guardian or pupil who is interested in finding out more and applying for one of the above Masterclass series; follow the highlighted host links above. 

If you are a school or organisation interested in hosting a masterclass series contact Rachel Dorris at the Ri, London.
[Featured photo: Year 11 Autumn Ri Masterclasses at Think Physics Northumbria University]

Beauty and the Beard and Enterprise: 

Futures stumbled across this fantastic enterprise yesterday via BDaily North East, which by the way is a great Twitter handle to follow @BdailyNorthEast for stories and developments on regional businesses. Heavy Metal Gentleman are a Darlington startup. Laura had an understanding of the beauty industry, Thom had a beard and together they recognised a gap in the beard grooming product market.

 [Above picture featured on]

Within one year they are now exporting as far as Poland and brew and create with oils and balms a range of products to apply to the beard area. They love what they do, have high hopes for future expansion and have set up a ‘Kickstarter’ to help them on their way. 

This is one of numerous fantastic stories to share with young people about spotting opportunities and giving something a try. Encouraging pupils to think creatively and come up with an enterprising idea is a great way of engaging learners. Checkout their website and blog to discover more and perhaps purchase some products for a beard you know! 

Enterprise. development ideas:

Perhaps set quick challenges at the beginning of lessons to get your pupils creative brain juices flowing. For example “what would make a great home delivery service that isn’t already available?” or “if you were going to set up a vlogging channel what would you talk about that would appeal to others your age?” or “Can you think of a new idea for a wearable tech product?”

If you have pupils who are keen to explore enterprise further encourage them to think about areas of interest and subjects which may support them to develop their skills.  Also don’t forget to make the distinction between being creative and being artistic they are different skills sets although they do compliment each other. There are a number of activities, challenges and organisations who can help develop and support development; some of which are listed below. 

Young Enterprise @pfeg_org 

Peter Jones Enterprise Academy  @PJEA_org and @PJEA_EastDurham

Talent 2030 – aimed at girls and encouraging STEM engagement @talent2030

This is Creative Enterprise (TICE) offer a range of creative programmes, workshops and sessions. They have also recently launched traineeships in fashion, music, and graphic design. @TICE_Uk

Apps for good – encourage young people to develop their creative skills as well as digital skills by solving real world problems.  @appsforgoodCDI

A quote from the Founding Chairman Rodrigo Baggio:

Our goal is to transform the way technology is taught in schools; to empower students from all backgrounds to seize the opportunities of our digital age and create solutions to the problems they care about, using technology.

Rodrigo Baggio, CDI Apps for Good, Founding Chairman & Founder CDI Global

Above are just a few ideas you may wish to consider. It’s also worth checking out Catapult which is part of the national agenda to encourage enterprise and innovation. They run some great competitions which you could use as live projects or as examples within lessons. They have one currently to develop a travel app with a prize of £5000.  It’s worth following them on Twitter too!  @digicatNETV 

For more information about enterprise, to advertise enterprisin events, workshops, or discuss how you can get involved with Futures NE email Futures NE

Digital Matchr Review

Digital Matchr

On the ‘Make it Digital’ section of the BBC there is an interactive career match resource called ‘Digital Matchr’. Futures thought we would give it a blast and report back to you!

When you click onto Digital Matchr you are first provided with information about the digital sector, a link to the test, and further information about why digital skills are so important as well as some featured videos.

They are inspired by the behaviour assessment tool DISC, based on the work of US psychologist William Moulton Marston. DISC theory looks at whether people are task or people focused, outgoing or reserved and then try and link your answers to one one of 10 different profiles and job roles within digital. The resource has been developed by The Tech Partnership and in collaboration with Google.

They also provide you with a range of links, videos and how you can learn code and other useful workshops (which are unfortunately) down South. However, we are a bit of a digital force in the North East and a sector which is growing rapidly and worth further exploration for students with interests in: computing, analysis, creating, science, logic, development, business and many more. Digital can take you anywhere and many of the jobs available now in digital didn’t even exist 5-10 years ago which is crazy and it’s not slowing down yet, but predicted to grow four times faster than any other sector.

What next?

Perhaps encourage pupils/students to take the test and check out some of the links below. We will be also posting events as we find them on the website and planning some great #Futureyou blogs:

Coderdojo North East  coding clubs that meet regularly across the North East

DigitalSkills Event for Girls North East (Jan 28th 2016) If you have not booked already, it may be worth contacting Karen Marshall (Apprentice, Education and Engagement Lead) at Accenture and register for future events and find out how they may be able to support your school and apprenticeship opportunities. Check out this round up by the Stemettes of the 2015 event.

Have a look at some of the really cool companies based at Campus North. Its a hub of start-ups, digital, tech, great ideas and even better company names!

There is also a hub of IT linked companies who have grouped together to form Dynamo North East  Again worth checking out as they regularly have events that may be of interest.

Sunderland Software city is inspiring and leading the growth of the thriving software industry too, providing world-class facilities, a skilled workforce, support and connections businesses need to succeed.  They also have an excellent jobs section and business directory.

The Artisan Inventor

I enjoyed having a go on Digital Matchr with my match the ‘Artisan Inventor’.  It’s definitely worth a shot even if it’s just to find out what profile you are.

Powers: detail and precision as well as being enthusiastic, friendly and excitable (of course) and apparently exceptionally gifted like Lassie the dog! (bursting with Lassie pride right now.)

Prescription: great at user experience, game development or multimedia production.  Sounds good and I would agree areas I would be interested in…. although there are many more too.

Earnings: I could be starting on £27,000 and earning by the time I’m 30 £65,000! (Wowsa, definitely in the wrong game.)  A quick Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) check estimates average wages of around £40,000.

To share your: digital courses, careers, business’, experiences, workshops, events and reviews,  email: FuturesNE to feature on the blog and website.